ghost town

whilst the politicians and big corporations are living it up, at a certain London sports event, this is what the reality of life and sporting facilities are like for real people. empty shops on the high street, sports areas fenced off from the public, run-down public facilities that date back to another century. no £1 million pound double-decker buses on our high-streets, or common people being given huge sponsorship deals.... music is by the excellent soap operatic society the voice is Helen Highwater of The Ritas the lyrics are by me, written over a day on twitter, when i was feeling particularly annoyed with the corporate schmooze-fest. the original footage and images, were taken during a very wet and bleak friday, and partly inspired by The Clash film Hell W10. anyhoo, here's the lyrics, as originally written:
I'm claiming ownership of #lumberin2012borelimpics #lumberin2012borelimpics will be the penultimate festival of TheNewBoring, featuring a 200ft statue of Adele, 1000 LiamGallaghers... ...There will be a TributeToXfactor tribute act, 30 sensitive singer songwriters will impale themselves on flaming accoustic guitars... 25,000 footballers wives and reality TV stars will lead a procession, headed by FernCotton dressed as TheQueen and Nickleback will perform.. there will be a marathon 48 hour edition of "8 out of 10 cats" where #seanlocke will insult a guest, with the same put-down, over and over. Meanwhile, I'll be out of the country, somewhere interesting. Enjoy. #lumberin2012borelimpics #lumberin2012borelimpics Banksy to unveil new mural of an albino hamster, in a baseball cap, smuggly listening to a DJShadow compilation cd. #lumberin2012borelimpics the EDL/UKIP to host ThePalaceOfTheEmpire and bang on about invading foriegners, whilst dressed as Crusaders... #lumberin2012borelimpics there will be no hoodies, no smoking, no drinking, no dogs, no Irish, no free-speech, but there will be a McDonalds #lumberin2012borelimpics in the skies, chrismoyles and 100 lesser #radio1 DJs will do a fly-past, bouyed-up on their own hot-air... #lumberin2012borelimpics on day 2: 100 boybands will reform as tribute acts, and then release cover versions of classic boyband songs. #lumberin2012borelimpics a large inflatable DavidCameron head will float across the London skies, spitting soggy "BorisBalls" at the locals. #lumberin2012borelimpics everyone gets complementary cans of Carling, UnionJack hats and a cd-copy of "Simon Cowell Sings The Hits of Oasis' #lumberin2012borelimpics Argyle & Bute do the catering but no one's allowed to photograph anything. #lumberin2012borelimpics Starbucks and Carling to serve-up a special boring drink - "The Lageraccino" that gets you both drunk AND sober. #lumberin2012borelimpics for 2 weeks only, every day will be a Tuesday. #lumberin2012borelimpics all the different Bristish street tribes will get together and tell each other they aren't "authentic" #lumberin2012borelimpics James Blunt+Elbow to team-up and write a song lasting 36 hours, about a woman who's really sad about something. To celebrate the #lumberin2012borelimpics Adele will release her own brand of socks, to be sold in the Co-op. To celebrate #lumberin2012borelimpics Ford will release a new model, called "The Car", which will basically be a car. During the. #lumberin2012borelimpics every episode of Eastenders, will be filmed on the moon. For security reasons, during #lumberin2012borelimpics Police will be allowed to arrest groups of people, found to be congregating on buses. The #lumberin2012borelimpics Official Programme, will have no words, just pictures of BorisJohnson reading emails at his desk. The fortnight long #lumberin2012borelimpics will last for 365 days, weather permitting. During the fortnight of #lumberin2012borelimpics all PCs bought will have Windows 87 installed, whether you want it, or not. During the #lumberin2012borelimpics Ed Sheeran will think really hard about a song, but not actually write it, and have a cup of tea instead At #lumberin2012borelimpics Coldplay will change their postcodes Live-Onstage in front of 1000s of adoring fans. During #lumberin2012borelimpics Noel Gallagher will be offsetting his carbon footprint, by smacking himself everytime he has a song idea. In celebration of #lumberin2012borelimpics DaveCameron will claim he's going to pose nude for Playboy, but deputises the job to NickClegg The #lumberin2012borelimpics weather will be: sunny spells, temp of 28 degrees, untill 11:00am, followed by heavy rain for rest of the day During #lumberin2012borelimpics LillyAllen will reform ...twice. In celebration of #lumberin2012borelimpics MickHucknall will star in a reality TV show, but not actually appear on it, as he's on tour. On TV during #lumberin2012borelimpics TimeTeam will bury the body of a 2000 year old archaeologist, in Nuneaton. #lumberin2012borelimpics DizzeeRascal and RossKemp to star in a soap-opera about "grime". #lumberin2012borelimpics Lloyd Grossman to host a show about non-famous people called "Bryan Ferry". Depeche Mode to reform with an all-new line-up, and to re-write a cod-reggae version of WalkingOnSunshine for #lumberin2012borelimpics This must be waht life is like in SponsoredTweetLand everyday #lumberin2012borelimpics #lumberin2012borelimpics wayne rooney, wayne rooney,wayne rooney, wayne rooney, wayne rooney, wayne rooney, wayne rooney, wayne rooney.

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