must have been a wonder, when it was brand new

the art deco book project, after many trials and tribulations, nears completion. it doesn't matter, that it took me about 4 years to get this far, it's been a long two years to say the least... mostly involving artistic crisis of one form or another, many interuptions(that thing called life), creative deviations from the path of photography and so on... i have also been working on many other projects in-between, which i'll talk about at a later date.
this particular idea took shape early one sunny morning, as i was photographing an old cinema on the edge of town, and has led me to some out-of-the-way places in the course of compiling some of the images. it's been an adventure though - and will be published(be me) as a book, once i have "captured" one more run-down and neglected cinema-turned-bingo hall... i will include the princes cinema, which i managed to photograph in 2007, before it was torn down... i actually saw it happen!
nearly 4 years, has it really been that long? needless to say, the next step is designing a cool cover, which i am looking forward too...

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