rip it up

so there goes my year out of photography, as i crawl slowly back into it.
just twittered with some nice people, and have arranged a photo-shoot for next weekend... i shouted-out for anyone who wanted a photo-session.
will i pick-up the guitar/keyboards?
but, i know where my strengths lie, and i have ideas for photographs to work on first.
i think last year, i was getting to hung-up on studio work... i enjoyed the stuff i did, but the whole point of studio work is consistency, which can stifle the creative flow a little.
so, more outdoors stuff this time round.
and learn more, i need a learning curve to work with, so that i'm not just turning out photographs with no progression on my behalf.
thanks of course, to all the people who have kept my photo-mojo going in the interim period.
i did a lot of travelling of course around various places, meant i had to take a camera with me, and finding my trusty olympus sp510 helped... i'd stashed it somewhere safe whilst moving house, and promptly forgot exactly where that was(or that i'd put it in a poly bag on a shelf under my nose...) so once i had that back, i had a camera i could take anywhere!
more to come, then...
suppose i'd better finish that book idea i had then.

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