night and day

i was supposed to be taking a break from photography this year, and i have spent time playing guitar and some cool blues piano riffs... but things never go to plan like you'd want them to, i just couldn't keep away from a camera...(edit - and the day after i write this post, i get the news that someone has seen my work in an exhibition, and wants to pay me to go round taking photos!).
so here's some of the best duotone stuff i've done so far this year.
i think i may get back into taking photos again, now that i've gotten absolutely nowhere with making music... i have enjoyed playing and such, but i know where my strengths are, and music is a big, big influence on me, but i'll never be the next brian setzer or joe pass, so why bother?
ans i don't mean that in a negative way, maybe i am the joe pass of photography, and just never realised it?

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