dont ask me

my forthcoming untitled music project/list of influences:
dark heavy beats dub bassline/drums, PiL guitar, kraftwerk ping+ambience, urdu/gypsy/blues scales, electronica: cool ladytron city novotel, the chameleons, bowie LOW and young americans, shreikback funk, Joy Division early New Order, joe meek/john barry, client with some karl bartos influence, sunglasses after dark, kim wilde's kids in america, OMD, Cinematic orchestra dub-bass, electroclash, techno arpeggiator, good vibrations composition, comsat angels, cybotron cityscape - The Clash mix-up, jesus and marychain, 80s technopop heavy rehash, darjeeling/nepalese backbeat, Joe Strummer solo material cultural mash-up, The Jam/sound affects, beach boys, the velvet underground, kraftwerk, cabaret voltaire.
lyrics by alvin toffler and friedrich nietzsche:

How one becomes what one is
Seeing that before long I must confront humanity with the most difficult demand ever made of it, it seems indispensable to me to say who I am. Really, one should know it, for I have not left myself "without testimony." But the disproportion between the greatness of my task and the smallness of my contemporaries has found expression in the fact that one has neither heard nor even seen me. I live on my own credit; is it perhaps a mere prejudice that I live? ... Under these circumstances I have a duty against which my habits, even more the pride of my instincts, revolt at bottom, namely, to say: Hear meFor I am such and such a personAbove alldo not mistake me for someone else!

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