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recently there has been a falling out between nicole katherine designs and pin-up parade.
both sides of the story are represented there, take your pick as to who you believe.
me, of course, i fall on the side of pin-up parade, as helen is of course my partner of 14 years, so i know she's honest, isn't a crook, and wouldn't stoop so low as selling faulty items to her customers.
the upshot of this whole debate has been - lots of free advertising for pin-up parade on behalf of NKD, as the integrity of PP has been highlighted as being somewhat fussy and in favour of the customer.
naturally, after having listened to both sides of the scenario, i got involved, and decided to play devil's advocate with NKD, in an attempt to clarify the situation, and maybe even reach a conclusion that would bring the whole thing to a satisfactory close(ie - both parties are happy).
we had a conversation in public on twitter, (quotes by me in green) which went like this -

#rockabilly = hard-working, honest, union-made quality, no plastic, genuine, & authentic. Not quite the #nicole_katherine_designs definition

NK_Designs @eight8all I'm the crook?! We offered an exchange return following our return policy. Pinup Parade wanted to KEEP the items AND money back!

@NK_Designs the request was misunderstood. No one expected you to refund AND then #pinup_parade sell the faulty items. That would be unfair.

NK_Designs @eight8all Nicole Katherine has the same return policy as other designers our size We offered an exchange and did everything we could

NK_Designs @eight8all And your other half isn't so sweet when she's posting horrendous remarks about MY faith and attacking ME personally over business

@NK_Designs the christian thing to do is: get mad and then forgive.

NK_Designs @eight8all she's lucky I'm professional enough to not show the world what she's emailed and posted about me, I have proof she's a liar!  
@NK_Designs please do. Transparency is a good thing. Both parties have said things that could be deemed unpleasant to each other.

@NK_Designs but I know H. has attempted to apologise, and would prefer reconciliation, to internet slanging matches.

@NK_Designs in the UK we have http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2004/40-04 which differs from US regulations

NK_Designs @eight8all im aware of these regulations and it says business to business is exempt. My policies are honorable

@NK_Designs my O/H is very sweet, except when she feels disapointed, used and let down by someone whom she thought was a trusted friend.

NK_Designs @eight8all And if she has problems with my policies maybe she should think twice about the other lines she carries. Their's are the same!  
@NK_Designs the other companies who supply #pinupparade have been in the past, outstanding in taking back faulty items. No quibble.

@NK_Designs H. trusted you, despite sending her tiki dresses with dodgy zips, & had to be replaced before selling. Trust is very important.

@NK_Designs ...and of course, I am under the impression that there is still £500 worth of stock, still outstanding to be sent to pinupparade

@NK_Designs now would be a good time to explain why it hasn't been sent, would it not?

...and with that question, @NK_Designs protected their tweets. Guilty conscience or twitter glitch?

Faulty goods, breach of trust, slander, items/credit outstanding. Thank you @NK_Designs for proving me right all along. xxx

It would be nice if @NK_Designs WERE to print a slanderous blog about me. But if they threaten me with solicitor I'll cry little emo tears.

Just whatever you do: don't upset my girl.

Yknow if you can't justify your actions to the people you have wronged, then its probly best that you go back to moaning in secret.

If someone throws you the chance to discuss an issue in the open, & you hide from them, that is tantamount to admitting you are wrong.

...and that was that, no more debate.
i know that H. is honest, i've never been in doubt of that, and it would seem that this has been reflected by other people as shop sales have gone through the roof with the boosted internet prescence.
but as i see it, the NKD attitude has been: well, if you don't like our stuff, then that's too bad, we won't deal with you, and you can lump it - they seem to think that because they "followed" american regulations, that's ok, everything is fine.
but y'know, there is such a thing as being human and doing the right thing, too.



Straight Talking Mama! said...

Interestingly a friend saw what had happened to Helen and said mm well I emailed NK Designs about something and they were really rude, I thought it was a one off but clearly not.

This person was a potential customer for Nicolle Katherine Designs and as I know this person well I know she would have spent money with them - obviously nothing that Helen stocks or she would have bought from Helen - and so if she treats her customers like this, it's little wonder she treats her wholesale customers like she has Helen.

eightball said...

...at the end of the day, we are not "corporations", we're all just people doing what we should be enjoying.
i know that pin-up parade is a labour of love, which helen gets a lot of pleasure from, in that she is helping people... it's not just a business for her.
same goes for me, i won't do office politics, or kow-tow to people who infer that they are superior to me, whatever the circumstance.
but, y'know, we should all be nice and understanding to each other...

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