east st. louis baby!

so, i've taken the decision to have a year out from photography.
i will be finishing off the art-deco cinema book that i've been working on, and that is going to look pretty damn good - so a lot of work will go into that.
i'm still accepting commissions/ideas/collaborations, but other than that, no new projects will arise.
this actually stems from my decision about a month ago to take up the piano, after a hiatus of two years.
i'm going to study the playing style of professor longhair, and general blues piano - this will involve me working at home on playing and increasing my abilities, then getting a piano teacher to take me to the next level.
no big deal, i've written/recorded music for years - i just can't do photography and music at the same time, something has to suffer.
i've not fallen out with photography, but i think it will be a good time to leave it for a while.
and damned if i'm not actually playing better than ever before, re-discovering my musical mojo again, as well as learning a whole new style - i've hinting to this on my twitter for awhile now, and it feels good to actually come out and say it.
not that it's earth shattering news, a good but largely ignored photographer (me), who never kisses ass or smoozes with the media-wankers who would further his career as well as their own(i do know some media people, who are very genuine though...), and who doesn't hang out with the gallery crowd.
so no big deal, but to me... i enjoy what i do!
and right now, it's all about taking a musical path right back to the innovators.


Debbie Hertzfeldt said...

wow!! Well good luck to you!!! Change will be good for you as well.
When you get something recorded I would love to hear it. I love the piano! I understand needing to focus on one or the other. Photography takes so much time, that's why I don't dig people stealing photos off the net. Wish you the best!! Debbie

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Shame about taking an hiatus BUT sometimes that's a good thing and what an amazing reason to do it!! I love the piano, I'm classically trained but don't have one and only now I am longing for a piano, but with all that's going on in my life I just don't have the time. GOOD LUCK!

eightball said...

thanks people... it's not the end of photography for me, just a bit of downtime to rediscover my mojo and be less formulaic!
looking forward to the new music though.
photography does take up a lot of time, as does music... a few years ago i made the decision to follow whatever i was getting most out of, and that was photography.
but things change, and i want to get back into playing again.

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