music for the last couple

i don't care how many good tracks are on this compilation.
shit cover.
if you listen quietly between the tracks of solid gold music, that's the sound of a barrel being scraped by the goats who compiled this.

rant over.
the original sleeve that this is based on, is admittedly a copy of a bbc sound-effects album.
but y'know, some things are just too precious to muck around with.
there has been in the past a famous falling out between paulo hewitt and paul weller, maybe this is the cappuccino kid's revenge on his former co-writer and confidante, by co-opting the design for one of the jam's finest albums.
i wish a band would come out with something so polemic these days.
an amalgalm of ray davies, the gang of four, bleak indie music, shelley - all wrapped-up in urban/suburban angst and feedback, rock and roll music never sounded so clean, and for me, pushed all the buttons.
jukeboxes, futurism, dead poets, bugger all on telly, mono record players... it's all there, worrying about the future, worrying about the bomb, that was life back then... it's a wonder we ever made it through the nuclear winter.
i first heard the album, previewed by david jensen, on his evening radio show... and was in the record shop the next morning buying it!
and i once saw the original sound effects album in the virgin megastore in glasgow in 1980, whilst on a shopping trip with my fellow retro-mates: and should have bought it as a precursor to being a collective geek, but relented and spent the money on some independent underground comix.
these days(to coin a joy division song title)i can only compare it to the day i sat on the bus, commuting home, and five different people were listening to the elephant album/the white stripes on headphones(having obviously bought it at lunchtime, and had to wait till the journey home, to hear it!)... throughout the ride i could hear the tracks hissssssing through leaky headphones, just out of synch with each other...
even now, the cover art of sound affects, is still with me, in one form or another... here's a photo i took earlier in the week:
as for the 20 original mod classics: you would be better getting hold of the in crowd boxset, 99 tracks and a great way to spend an afternoon....

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