ten long years

the crossing
so much for the government's much trumpeted big society, in some places it already exists...
like here in birmingham, where a sikh temple sits on the same junction as a church(incidentally, there is another church to the far left of the photo, out of shot).
this was from the early morning photowalk i took along soho road, in handsworth.

this is from the start of the day, under the flyover.
robert johnson
and finally, at the end of soho road.
i was thinking of robert johnson when i processed this image... i'd just been watching one of the francis ford coppola blues films(warming by the devil's fire), which referenced the event where johnson finds himself at a crossroads and sells his soul to the devil.
those films are damn good btw - i'm working my way through them, some are merely historical, and the better ones tell stories - awesome stuff, just what i needed to watch.

more images to come, as i work on them.

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