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got some product by these nice people, at the weekend: kings1965 and not just because that's the year i was born either... damn nice smelly stuff, reminds me of the classic scents of men's grooming products, black pepper, sandalwood and citrus, with hints of old leather and tobacco.
i can see they are going for a chap-esque look graphics-wise... although i associate the victoriana cut-and-paste style with IT magazine or bugs and drugs comic(a fore-runner to Viz Comic, and much funnier too!), but all very suggestive of a classic gents barber smell... maybe they will include a bay rum hair tonic(like the one boots do, already?).
oddly boots do a range of old-fashioned mens grooming products(their aftershave is very 1950s), which they have been quietly selling for years, with no fanfare, in barely noticeable bottles, on the lowest shelf, so maybe this new brand is tapping into that, as well as the current vogue for all things chap-esque(me, i've been reading the chap for as long as i can remember: pinup-parade paid upfront for a full page advert a few months back, to help them out when they hit some financial problems!).
with Kings, i'm sensing a king of shaves connection - who are my staple brand of shaving product, since 90's, another excellent range of products, and one of the reasons i haven't had a shaving nick for nearly 15 years(i kid you not!)... for when i'm in the mood for elaborate side-burns and the like.
but great stuff from kings1965... i really can't get enough of it, the aroma is very classic, reminding me of going to the barbers back in the day, when they'd slap all sorts of unctions on you, after a proper haircut, from a man who looked like he'd spent the last 30 years in the army...
but this got me thinking about other brand names i couldn't live without, those tried and tested names, so i drew up a handy list:
Gordons Gin
Steady Classic
Mcillheny Co Tabasco Sauce
New York Hat Company
Baileys of Hollywood
Fred Perry
Sailor Jerry
Jack Daniels

some brands just inspire confidence, who wouldn't feel better with any of these life-enhancing items in their life.
unless, you'd be happy to settle for less.

the website i'm currently fixating over, the brixton site... now they do great hats(one should be winging it's way to me now, courtesy of their UK dealer... who has a page of brixtons bunnets that brought a tear to my eye...), but the brixton site is so damn good, nice and simple design, lomo low key slightly polaroid-ish or black+white photography of "real" people wearing the items, they even make a keyfob covetable.
the lookbook page is worth the visit alone, for some grimey images of musicians and what appear to be street-people, all sporting product naturally... but right now, i'm on a bare-wooden floor and white walls basic trip, maybe i've just had enough of elaborate modernity... and like the broxton site, i'm listening to the clash and blues and punk a lot these days too.
who wouldn't raise a smile whilst looking at this great page of product.

there is a kick-ass article here, on the clash and their look.
read it damn it.

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