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yesterday, we came across brynel's hat shop - H. was looking in vain for a decent hat-pin, and we'd spotted what is one of the few real hatshops left in the city-centre(albeit just off the main drag, on fiveways).
yeah, h. got her hat-pin, but what kept us longer was my discovery that they stock bailey's hats... cue me trying on various items... i came away with a bailey fedora:

which i couldn't not wear out that same evening.
made me feel like a bluesman... nice item!
i was impressed enough to tell the owner vivean, at least three times, i was impressed that somewhere in birmingham stocks good hats(me, i've been watching certain old dudes out of the corner of my eye, looking for clues as to where they'd get their immaculate pork-pies and fedoras...).
problem solved... vivean asked me if i was in a band, as most of the men who shop there seem to play in one.
nope, i'm not in a band anymore!

we went back a couple of weeks later - and i bought a black baileys fedora.
i may have to make a return trip here, and get some winter bunnets...

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