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even though it was a few weeks ago, i'm still working on the spain photos, whilst simultaneously also doing a shoot at an underground bunker in deepest darkest essex... been busy then.

spain 2010

the bunker was a blast(ho-ho)... got there early, signed my photo permits, then proceeded to go through the rwong way, which meant that i was the only one in most of the areas(i may have done this on purpose). ok, so that was a scary thing to do, given that i'm a mile underground, in an enclosed space which is full of atmosphere...
more info on the bunker shoot soon.

underground bunker

i've also been working on images i took in spain, a whole flashcard's worth of shots, on my new pen camera, which proved itself over and over as a great piece of kit(small enough to take anywhere, but also usefull as a full-bodied camera).
yet again, more on this as and when(i am busy resurrecting the podcast medium), but here are a few shots i've been working on...
despite being on holiday, i did manage a fashion shoot, just before mid-day(although i ended-up with minor sunstroke afterwards), in the cactus groves
otivar, spain
i went on a walk with the express intention of getting high above the village to shoot some model-village images of the place we were staying...
me, with sunburn, hiding out at the back of the flat, with my camera and wearing a hat i bought from a very good tourist shop(where we also bought an anatomically correct battery operated musical torro!).
otivar, spain
this is part of the building where we hung out for a day(and i filmed the swimming pool)

ironically it is called rincon del silencio.
i've also been working on some experimental(for me anyway ) panorama shots of spain - using composite photos and most of my CPU...
spain 2010
been a blast working on images though, i'd spent most of my time before going to spain, in preparation for my time abroad - working-out and getting healthy, so putting out all this stuff is a great release of all the work i've been doing recently.
more work to come, as i've got some i-d card photos to take for work(the irony of that!), and a session walking around handsworth taking photos of landmarks(for an educational project someone else is organising).
this weekend, has been busy image wise, in that i  had my eyes tested(and some vintage 50's spectacles will soon be on the way to me), and went out to see the serge gainsbourg biography... which i urge everyone to go and see, great film.
speaking of filums... i found a home for my video collection... it's been gathering dust since we moved house(and didn't replace our broke-ass video machine), you can't put them in the bin, you can't recycle them(and i was unwilling to just bin a collection of good films anyway so FTS), so i advertised on twitter, using #freecycle - and vivaVHS got in touch, and was happy to give them a good home, which brought a warm glow to the weekend for all concerned...
anyhoo... more info soon on all the stuff i'm up to as it happens, going to get the radiation ranch radio show back on it's feet with a few surprises to boot!
meanwhile, i've got camera gear to ready, and a live double album from brian setzer to listen through.


Anonymous said...

I like your panoramas!
and a session walking around handsworth taking photos of landmarks
...Could there be a Flickrmeet route for next year in that project?

eightball said...

thanks tim...
a session walking around handsworth might be quite good, plenty of urban grime, and contrasting decor around(you can't keep a good people down!).
i'll put up some of the images i take soon as they are done... although i may be aiming for some urban noire...

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