rhapsody in blue

sneakily i had planned to shoot this in advance - i knew we would be staying briefly in a place with a pool, so plotted what i was going to do...
the music of course is the best thing - charles mingus pithecanthropus erectus(the name given to fossils discovered in 1891 at Trinil - Ngawi Regency on the banks of the Solo River in East Java, Indonesia, one of the first known specimens of Homo erectus.), one great dark jazz joint, that suited the mood of the footage i had.

the thing is you see, i can't swim.
and here i was having to get into a pool for the first time since i was about 11, when i nearly drowned(which puts a dampener on things, swim-wise).
so this slightly spooky film, is about me, sizing-up the pool before going in.
as it was, it went ok - and i wouldn't even come out when it started raining...

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