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stalkers are basically people who you know nothing of(ever or anymore), but who seem to know a lot about you.
i have several internet stalkers, who get up early to read my blog or look at photos i have done... with the intention of posting snarky little messages, so removed from the reality of the situation, that they were laughable.
i even have a stalker of sorts ITRW... who watches and mimics my habits and such in person, with the intention of somehow winding me up in a psychotic, socio-pathic sort-of way.
it used to annoy me, that someone went to all the trouble of trying to bug me... but then i figured out that in a way, it's a pathetic form of flattery, to go to all the trouble of watching what i do, and formulating a way of copying it.
i was reading louise wener's biog about being a figurehead in the britpop scene... and she talks of seeing a queue of girls all dressed like her, at a sleeper gig.
which initially freaks her out(not surprisingly).
i know how she feels, but honestly, i love the attention, at least i know my critics care enough to salve my ego!
and it's so much more inventive than the japanese spam-bots who try to link my readers to e-commerce websites selling crap baseball caps.
so, please don't go changing...
it's better to be talked about, than not to be talked about at all.

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