you wear it well

not sure what other people think, i've been a rod stewart fan for years... a consequence of growing up on the south west coast of scotland, where at one point in the 70's rod was a rock demi-god(no doubt due to his fondness for all things lion rampant, and football), his feel-good songs even made it onto my guilty pleasures playlist, well into the 90's... much to the amazement of my hipper than thou indie-kid associates at college!
but, as a young kid, seeing rod the mod in the richard barnes book, and my parents having a penchant for his later material, then to discover he worked with julie driscoll (above)in steampacket (who went onto do the trinity of which i was and still am a huge fan!) back in the late 60's was enough to convince just how important an artist he is...

and i was, and still am a fan of the small faces, who were until the late 90's, one of the most under-rated 60's bands ever fact.
so there... i had rod's greatest hits kicking around on cassette(the one with the pink cover...), and i still vividly remember trying to get into the scotch glass album cover at an uncle's house, as a very young music fan(the same album is on the record shelf now), and in the 90's i ended-up re-buying all the small faces material i had originally bought on vinyl in the 70's...
ah, but rod is still a busy man these days, and a mooted re-union with the faces was always on the cards, but never yet happened, so the unthinkable has arisen instead despite the fact that the two founding members of the faces are no longer around(and sorely missed).
the connection with me, despite all the history, well here it is, after a short discussion on that twitter thing with writer neil mcormick on the subject, when he asked for people's thoughts on the idea of the faces reforming with simply red frontman mick hucknall in rod's place, and wrote his own review of the situation.
completely agree with what he says on there in regards to rod stewart and the faces.
do i like mick hucknall?
no, not really.
he ruined the valentine brothers version of money's too tight to mention, which i had back in the 80's.
so it's a bit like cilla getting together with burt bacharach, if you ask me.
and of course, hucknall wasn't personally responsible for his fans in the 80's who were odious to say the least, with their liking for owning boyracer cars, hanging out in wine bars and tucking their loud jumpers into snow-bleached jeans... but now he's going to warble all over some more of my favourite music.

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