the young idealists

after a period of inactivity, caused by all that other stuff that must be done outside of staring down a lens, there will be a flurried period of activity, as is my want...
first up i am attending the four am project event, to take some photos of birmingham museum artifacts in the dark... should be interesting.
i had a recent troll attack on a post, from someone professing to know something about photography, so this would be a good opportunity for whoever it was to get out from behind his monitor, and show me how to really take photos, why not pop along?

after recovering from that, i'm off to the seaside for the day sometime next week, to take photographs of a decaying seaside town.
and we've been busy discussing foreign places worth visiting, paris and madrid were mentioned... plus another trip home to scotland for a few days of fresh air and wide open space...
here's an image i captured from the last 4am project i went on(actually it was the first event to be held in birmingham, although i have missed a few since then)
4am project (35)

and tonight i've got to finish off an article for dirty bristow, on post-punk and it's antecedents(more news of this when it happens).
tonight of course, i had the pleasure of reading about what a dirty bristow actually is...

why the lloyd cole video... well, i've been on a lloyd cole trip for the last week or so, and he is one of the world's most under-rated songwriters.

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