montgomery clift

remind me never to rely on my mobile's gps again.
today, i headed off into darkest north birmingham(where the posh people live and school themselves).
sutton coldfield, to be precise, where the shanty atmosphere of handsworth, melds into the white-trash aesthetic of erdington, and finally succumbs to the gentrifiied rarity of sutton coldfield itself... they have a wooden floor in the trainstation ferfuxsake!
bit of a useless place though, it has to be said.
no coffee shops, except for a druckers in a shopping mall.
looks nice, but feels like a down-market cheltenham... i'm only there, because i'm trying to find an old cinema, and my electronic map tells me that it's in this area.
no such luck, i find i've overshot the mark by one station, so after a quick recce of sutton coldf... can't bothered typing the rest of the name... i'm back on the train to wylde green.
which is actually quite nice, the people seem to talk to each other, and it feels less like new money than S/C, lots of nicely kept old houses... so i get my gps out again, and it takes me on a pointless walk around in the balmy sunshine, where i encounter lots of old people, trimming hedges, and hanging out doing whatever old people do on their lawns come the nice weather... including watching city-folk up for the day.
eventually, the maps leads me to the destination, and i come across the empire cinema.
do i get shooting, while the light is good, and it isn't raining?
no, i head off to find a coffee-shop, and regroup, finding nothing but a second-hand shop, where i buy a copy of the first madness album on vinyl, which i then have to juggle with camera stuff, and camera bags in the rain... smart move.
more images of this great building to follow.


Helen Highwater said...

nice pic though!

I remember now I have been to S-C - once, to meet Harriet, and we sat in the park.

eightball said...

it's all hairdressers, antique shops and exotic wine-bars...

Anonymous said...

The Sutton Odeon^H^H^H^H^HEmpire is about half way between Sutton and Wylde Green Station, so once you were in the shopping centre (trying desperately to not look like a 1970's centre that's been tarted up a bit, and generally failing...) you were probably closer than going back to the station and walking from Wylde Green.
(You were also pretty close to my house...)

eightball said...

i realise that now, after i'd stopped using my phone to navigate...
i didn't mind walking around wylde green, it's a nice place to wander about in...

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