long gone daddy

went record shopping yesterday, and picked-up two class albums from the record-exchange.
the first one is an ace records comp. from about 1987, and one of their regular great albums of original 50's material.

1. Pat Cupp - I Guess It's Meant That Way
2. Glen Glenn - Everybody's Movin'
3. Hal Harris _ I Don't Know When
4. Byron Johnson - True Affection
5. Les Cole & The Echoes - Be Boppin' Daddy
6. Sonny Hall - My Big Fat Baby
7. Joe Jackson - Rock My Warriors Rock
8. Les Cole & the Echoes - Rock Little Baby
9. Don Cole - Snake Eyed Mama
10. Jimmy Stewart & His Nighthawks - Nothin' But a Nuthin'
11. Charlie Feathers - Wild Wild Party
12. Johnny Todd - Pink Cadillac
13. Jimmy & Johnny - I Can't Find the Doorknob
14. Link Davis - Slipping and Sliding
15. Pat Cupp - Long Gone Daddy
16. Sleepy LaBeef - All the Time
17. Glenn Barber - Go Home Letter
18. Mac Curtis, Jim Shell - If I Had Me a Woman
19. Ray Scott - Boppin' Wig Wam Willie
20. Pat Cupp - Do Me No Wrong
21. Hal Harris - Jitterbop Baby
22. Sleepy LaBeef - Little Bit More

twenty great rockabilly hits of the 50's on cascade 1983
more great songs on here(a little bit of doubling up, but i don't mind), this album coming from 1981, on cascade records.
1 Johnny Todd-Pink Cadillac
2 Rock Rodgers-My Baby Left
3 Glen Glenn-Everybody's Movin'
4 Hershel Almond-Let's Get It On
5 Jesse James-Red Hot Rockin' Blues
6 Jimmie Dale-Baby Doll
7 Don Cole-Snake Eyed Mama
8 Chester Mcintyre-I'm Gonna Rock With My Baby Tonight
9 Poorboys-Move, Baby, Move
10 Al Urban-Lookin' For Money
11 Gene Wyatt-Prettiest Girl At The Dance
12 Sleepy La Beef-All The Time
13 Benny Joy-Spin The Bottle
14 Hal Harris-Jitterbop Baby
15 Les Cole-Be Boppin' Daddy
16 Sonny Fisher-Rockin' Daddy
17 George Jones-Rock It
18 Matchbox-Circle Rock
19 Glen Glenn-Blue Jeans
20 Benny Barnes-I Walk The Line

this track appears on both album, and is a killer rockabilly track:

that video features artwork from an earlier ace records compilation rockabilly party, which i also own... and is also a great album, worth digging the crates for.

while we're on the subject, this weekend i read the goon - which is set in the 40's, and owes a lot to film noire, jack kirby, sin city and of course will eisner.
very rockabilly it is too...
so a recommended read.

that would make an excellent avatar/profile picture...

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Rivet Head said...

That Rockabilly Fever LP is on of the best in my book...hard to find at one point too. Nice finds!

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