lonesome rhythm blues


headed out early on bank sunday, to get some street photography in... although i could've done with the sleep!
on the way to my destination(more to come from that session), i thought i'd grab an impromptu shot of a pizza-emporium in the street... more so because the light was pretty good at the time, but the shop itself is fairly striking in that it's an oldschool fast food joint, selling chips and such with some neon and 195o's decor.
there is a good bit of perspective, that i managed to pull from the corner view too...

and this old lad was waiting around at the bus-stop in carrs lane(that's the arse of the bullring just out of shot, round the corner), and again, the light was favourable for some shadow-play, so i grabbed the image before it was lost forever!
more in the next post, as to where i was heading... a less than salubrious suburb, which had a location for the next printed collection(details to come...).

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