jump cat jump

saturday 18th april, was record store day.
oddly enough, it was also the day i was able to get myself down to a record-shop(one that sells vinyl), to do some much needed trading.
i have this jabula album that i am keen to sell on... it has some very good music on, like acid-jazz/afro-jazz hugh masakela... quite uplifting, but i acquired it in a collection as a job lot, and plan to sell it as it is worth about £80... which is way too much for me to hold onto.
so, off to the local exchange shop, where they were playing some dodgy prog-nonsense, and sticking price tags onto easy listening albums(mostly junk, i know this genre... there is a lot of muzak...)... and as they hadn't heard of it, or could find a good enough reference in their little book of albums, they "had to pass".
no worries, now i just have the added hassle of trying to sell it on e-bay.
but i did have a quick look at the singles rack, and found some gems in there: two singles by the blue cats on charly records - even just seeing the label brought back memories of the late 70's/early 80's when i would have been buying a lot of the re-issued blues records on charly, a norwegian fanclub ep(with a killer version of big green car on it by johnny carroll!), and of course, jungle rock with a french picture sleeve.

to be honest, i miss that feeling of going into a record shop... there was something about it, that is lost nowadays, you got to check-out what other people were buying, and hear tracks you wouldn't normally hear... over the years, the local record shops became a meeting point for all the various cultures in my barren hometown, where we'd see people who drank in different pubs, or hung out with other crowds... plus the thrill of scanning the racks, and finding lost gems(like i did), or even rubbing shoulders with other genres...
this was also the weekend that we had the icelandic ash all over the skies, funnily
enough it was a clear sky today, and everybody pulled out the summer wardrobe, but there was a slight haze in the sky(and the whiff of eggs!) as well as dust all over parked cars...

this didn't stop me from breaking out my dickies workshorts, that i'd been planning to wear all winter, even though i managed to cheekily acquire some second-hand cinch-back 501s on the way home...
last night was good, plotting an overnight trip to a random-ish photo-location, in the next coule of weeks... meanwhile, i still have to PP the art-deco shots i took a fortnight ago(which were put to one side, following more pressing matters!).

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