i don't want to go to chelsea

had a funny incident the other evening...
a troll, a real live troll turned-up on a webpage, and started giving me some very personal and scathing abuse... in regards to a project i've initiated.
it was of course, very, very funny...
and of course a bit pointless, as you are talking to someone who has had to deal with conflict for most of his life, in one form or another... no tears, it's part of life, part of being an individual in this society that frowns on expression and being who you want to be(if i had a penny for everytime someone has told me that i should/shouldn't be doing something because of whatever reason...).
it took me back to the good old days, when i used to get involved on forums, and such... and i'd get into slanging matches with some deskbound clown from somewhere in the ethernet, who was unaware of the personal viewpoint perspective - the other half of course, used to take all this palaver seriously and would occasionally take these attacks personally: as she was involved in forums for a lot longer than me(who had wised-up to the fact that they were basically a waste of time), i would have to remind her that it was nothing personal!
these comments don't exist in real life.
more than likely it would have been someone having a bad day or life/issues just finding somewhere to vent their frustration.
i know, i went there once: i'd had a bad day in the shit job i used to do(the job was ok, some of the people were ok, but there was a fucktard-hierachy in place, who played games with staff), so i vented spleen on someone who had attacked my other half on a forum.
it all got a bit out of hand, and myself and the other person's bloke made peace, after some visceral phraseology passed by... and of course, when we bumped into each other at an event, it was slightly embarrassing as he turned-out to be a decent lad, and she was a virulent, spitefull midget(woops...).
there is of course godwin's law, which is when an internet arguement plumbs the depths of name-calling to whit insinuating that the other person is being a nazi(despite any hint of politics etc... actually being involved in the arguement, and the claim is out of sync with the actual arguement), funnily enough about a week ago, i had a conversation wondering if there was a similar law for that other gem of the internet "get a life", where the instigator insinuates that the other person spends too much time in front of their pc(athough with the popularity of laptops and free wifi, this is now a redundant criticism, i for one am currently typing this in a coffeehouse!)...
i ran into this particular gem a few years back, when i joined a group of people opposed to having video on flickr, due to the fear that the reader's wives types would swamp the site's bandwidth with badly filmed 90 second videos of their spouses dressed in britney spears schoolgirl outfits(it didn't, and they didn't), but i had a few negative comments, insinuating that i should get away from my pc and go out into the real world(presumably with a video camera)... oddly on flickr this is a bit of a misnomer as by the very nature of the site, you do have to get away from your pc, to take photos(except in the days when the site was suddenly flooded by chairbound geeks from the half-life community, but i digress...).

a lot of the internet vitriol back then, seemed to stem from people living in capital cities, suddenly finding themselves marginalised from underground/alternative circles, as the internet broke down geographical barriers(in my experience), or from older members of alternative culture suddenly finding themselves sidelined and out-of-synch with that culture, following an influx of new faces, that they were previously unaware of, and hadn't absorbed into their imaginary social structure.
the oldschool troll from the other evening, oddly came from the same city as me: i know this, due to having a wonderfull app. on the blogsite called statcounter(which we use for the websites), that among other things(such as telling you how someone arrives at your site, how long they stayed, what they looked at), gives you IP addresses of all the visitors to your site, so it's quite easy to trace their actual address and telephone number(if they use virgin cable and aren't internet savvy enough to use a proxy server - there is no privacy on the interweb, not even your firefox 3.6 or windows xp can hide you, if you decide to troll someone), so i can only assume that it was a local who felt i was stealing their thunder or made them feel inadequate or something: although it is kind-of creepy knowing someone logs onto your blog first thing in the morning and last thing at night...
to be honest, i don't have much time for conflict, "hate destroys the haters" as the rev run would say, and i have little enough time in the day to be getting on with creative work, so it's a bit abstract having to deal with someone under an assumed identity - somehow thinking they can convince me to give up doing something i've been quite happily doing for nearly 30 years!
i did find it all hilarious tho, as i tried to guess who it was and why the attack was instigated... to be honest there are a few blustering over-inflated egos out there, whose paucity i may have punctured with my sarcasm(so i am not entirely blameless)!

the purpose of art is howevever to initiate reaction, and it would seem i did instigate at least some form of response(from what had been 100% positive up until then), and i'm no dupe, in knowing that if i can instill such a negative reaction in one person, then i must have had at least one majorly positive reaction in someone else(anger is an energy, as johnny rotten would have once sang).
blogger of course, allows for such instances of free speech(which i applaud), and they helpfuly include a moderation feature for comments(which i employ - and used a while back, after pointing out in a blog that some local band were in fact a little bit shit... which they were, happily... but to which viewpoint a band-member from said group of wannabes disagreed with).
and the gang.

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