home of the blues

i am rarely stunned by anything on the internet these days, but this site is the exception.

record label design by decade... how much work goes into collating something like this?
i don't know, but i certainly appreciate all the effort!

anyhoo... what a week it's been at eightball-villa...
saturday night found me listening to the straycats whilst riding a late night train home in the dark, there have been hospital dramas, and a much awaited job-interview(yes, i got the job...), i finished-off an article for these nice people(with photography) over the last few days too... sleepless nights and stressfull days.
i wouldn't want it any other way.
there's a planned european trip coming up next month, and a planned off-the-cuff trip for the end of this month... in that i've got an idea, but no location, so i'll just grab a camera and go(deciding on a destination the day before..!).
book #2 is in production, and people are already looking forward to it(i'm looking forward to handing out complimentary copies to some of the people who are actually in it!).
and photo project #3 is in progress...

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