forgive me faron young

i caught some info on twitter that there was going to be another four:am project this weekend: this one ties in with the birmingham city of culture bid... so i put my name down and went to bed early the night before.
funnily enough, the taxi driver i called at 3:15 am didn't know exactly where we heading, and i'd luckily printed a map... but i don't think he liked the idea of dropping off some surly looking bloke, wearing a bike jacket and black beanie, carrying a maglite - in the middle of a deserted industrial estate.
the place was open - and staff were around to let me in though, so i decamped to a briefing room, where we were given the health+safety talk: don't put your hand into the machinery... sensible advice, there was a lot of old industrial equipment in there, i even recognised a few old printing presses like the ones i used to use.
we were led to the warehouse itself... at four in the morning, pitch dark outside, with strip lights everywhere... it is a fairly awe inspiring sight to walk into.

just the other week, i caught the first episode of warehouse 13, and of course everyone remembers all the stuff about area 51 (especially if you're an x-files fan)(which i am, but i'm not fussed about twin peaks, so i retain some form of dignity in that respect...), so to suddenly walk into this enviroment, full of old artifacts(in the middle of the night) is quite a thrill... i'm not going to mention raiders of the lost ark, though... i forgot to ask if they had it on one of the shelves.

my own personal favourite, amongst all the artifacts, was this art-deco chip-fryer from a fish+chip shop... how many people does this strike a chord with - who remembers standing in line, staring hungrily at one of these green+cream pantheons to carbs and high fat content?

a blue chopper, very rare... i have seen orange(the original harley davidson colour scheme), yellow(with fluorescent logo), silver(a special space version), purple or red(quite common), and my own black chopper(with the holographic logo - a special star wars edition, how geeky is that!)... but a blue one, i have never seen.
i did recognise a lot of stuff from the old science museum(newhall street site), as i used to hang out there a lot back in the mid-90's... it was a great building, and was fascinating to just wander about in.

i have to admit, i did comically emit a quiet, little fuck yeah, when i took this one, on a long exposure.... which got me a strange look off someone(hell, i was enjoying myself!).
at one point, the doors started sliding down, and i hurried back inside, fearfull of being locked-out... and i shot some video(which is to be worked on in time).
a good event though - i enjoyed stretching myself, searching out photographic opportunities, although i did see one image which just blew me away, an image taken inside the animal skeleton... why didn't i think of that!

these meetups are the uber-flickr meet though... you get to wander about in all sorts of places, that you shouldn't be in... i was never going to be any good at urbex, as i'm too aware of trespass laws, having appeared in court over it, many, many years ago, so this is a legal way of getting out and taking shots that are off the beaten track.

thanks to karen strunks again, for organising this... and thanks to darren for the lift home(most appreciated!).
disclaimer: this was of course written on about 3 hours sleep from the night before...

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