feelin right tonight

digging the crates vol.2
found this excellent piece of southern fried rockabilly today - the cult that is tex rubinowitz... covering bad boy, and his own song feelin' right tonight on the flip-side... which features the classic buddy holly descending guitar riff at one point(from that'll be the day).
tex's version of bad boy, is probably the most laid back version that i've heard so far, and has some killer guitar by billy hancock - check out his amazing quiff on the video below!
i was quite impressed with billy hancock's playing on this single, a real master at work.. definately going to look out some more of his material...

this single was(if memory serves me right), one of tex's only hits, along with hotrod man back in the 70's, on the roots music ripsaw label.

following on from that - i also acquired ray campi and his rockabilly rebels/teenage boogie b/w rockabilly rebel... the a-side being a cover of the teenage boogie track that mark bolan covered limply(and had a massive hit with), being played in it's original rockabilly style as written and played by webb pierce back in '56.
the flipside, rockabilly rebel, not to be confused with the matchbox track of the same name(incidentally both webb pierce and matchbox were trying to cash-in on the rockabilly scene, albeit from different decades, when they wrote and recorded their own track)... this song is more or less a list of musicians, and rocks along quite nicely... again, actually the best of the two tracks.
both records are from 1978.

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