this years model

at last, after many long hours of tweaking and refining the website is finally up!
soon, the shop will be running, ready to sell prints and books... even pomade for steve hooker...
book number one is out as well, birminghamretro, a best-of from the last few years of wandering the streets, and studio work.
birmingham retro
it's a nicely produced book, with quality paper... i've got a first copy of it in my hands now, and i'm pleased with the reproductions.
and of course, not released yet, but any day now... shakeout volume1, with images inspired by or from the rockabilly+classic car scene.

both books, and possibly prints will be available from selected vendors and the website... and direct from here.


Helen Highwater said...

People, this is a very fabulous book! Retro-style techniques to give modern Birmingham a look you've noticed before. But then again, the place is chockful of old buildings - the Rotunda suits sepia!

eightball said...

i was thinking of ansell adams when i worked on the cover photo...

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