old clothes a tortured artist do not make

this weekend was definately a bit of a vintage event - i spent yesterday (friday) mooching around vintage shops in town, and of course top banana in kingsheath - where i bought myself a classic A2 flight jacket(brown, and without the fur...), and some unbleached linen converse(very vintage looking).

today - was supposed to to be taken up by waiting for boilerrepairman to come round and sort out our heating with a new boiler(etc...), but they reneged at the last minute, so we suddenly had time to spend.
luckily when i was in top banana, i picked-up a flyer for a vintage fair at the custard factory(even though i didn't think i was going), so we went there instead!
as usual it was in the old library, which despite us arriving within five minutes of opening time, was already filling-up.
there was humourously quite a crush going on, in the aisles(i'm a veteran of the rag market and jumble sales though, so i'm used to it... the trick is not to move out of the way all the time when people cough in your ear, otherwise you will get nowhere! remember YOU bought the ticket.), and i wasn't going to be buying the same stuff as the young hipsters anyway(get thee to urban outfitters, dammit!), so there's no need to worry.
i'm kind-of bemused by the way most people there seemed to just throw the different decades together though, into a sort of pre-millenial mish-mash of 80's and 90's symbolism(very odd)... i came of age in the 80's, and i seemed to have spent most of my time+money in a shop called flip! that sold vintage american clothing(no surprise there)in glasgow, i fcuking worshipped that palce, it was my mecca/lourdes/vatican/whatever all rolled into one(or two if you are counting the basement...).
but some of the ironic 80's stuff i see people wearing nowadays, was only, and i repeat ONLY worn by squares who worked in offices, or skinny boys who thought that tom cruise or the karate kid were role models.... and who spent most of their time fruitlessly chasing the girls i'd hung out with... i remember one xmas night, when i spent the whole evening fending off a square girl, who was wearing a pink denim jacket!
at the fair though - not much in the way of men's clothing(this had been mentioned beforehand, and they are trying to resolve this issue), - but a good cake stall, selling cups of tea and coffee.
admittedly it was a fight for somewhere to sit, but cupcakes were consumed and bought again(in a box to take home), as they were very good.

we visited the regular flea market(which was free to get into, and actually spent most of the money there, at one stall which had piles of 50's exotica( i want to go back to that one!)... plus a fruitless search around a snooty mod section(too many plastic zips on the plaidjackets and strangely a LOT of tweed for my liking).
the living embodient of paulweller/stevemarriot gave H. a really dirty look, which amused me no end, as 1. he was wearing a suit like one i used to wear, back in the 90's, 2. we both wrote mod-fanzines that won "fanzine of the month" in record collector(one month after the other), 3. i once had a long conversation with johnny moke about the whole mod thing, which i can never divulge without fear of a lawsuit 4. i still have a vespa(albeit off the road for the time being - i'd rather have a 650 cc motorcycle these days!, 5. i was born in the damn 60's and - an original revival type(although i was more into the blues+soul than anything)... the first person in my hometown to order a copy of the re-issued my generation album... 6. H. herself is mates with an old rocker who knew steve marriot - need i go on?
thanks to my melungeon head shape though, i never really mastered the paulweller/stevemarriott haircut, i always looked like ronnie lane's taller goofy brother... i look much more comfortable with my hair smothered in grease.

this was a good vintage fair though, bereft of attiutde - but i'd actually forgotten the attitude that some traders (not the ones at the vintage fair, i might add, who were all very pleasant) have towards customers(i think it's a collective insanity brought about by hoarding all this crap that they think is going to be their pension), even though in the past i've experienced stallholders being openly rude(which usually involves yelling that you should be looking at their stall/shop in case you dare to walk past without buying one of their mouldy suede overcoats), and in brighton, one disgruntled shopowner even bellowed down the street to the owner of the shop we WERE heading to(i think it was because we had spent time in his shop the day before without buying any of his mouldy suede jackets!) telling him that he had some customers coming who were going to buy his stuff.
i even got a few sideways looks for wearing my A2(i guess some people don't care, that i wear this stuff because i like it, not because i think it's trendy), and my new york hat company gatsby style cap, even got a salacious remark from one sniffy fart... (woah, a clothes snob... but that's "me" isn't it?).
on the whole vintage retailers are nice people, who do it because they like old items and like to sell stuff to people who appreciate vintage, they are always interesting to talk with... funnily enough while on a weekend trip to haworth(a small hillside town that is the home of the brontes) we came across quite a few vintage shops, on the cobbled mainstreet, and wasted a few hours in them, when we should have been soaking-up the literary atmosphere.
at the flea market - our faith in humanity was restored by the nice bloke with the 50's exotica(see pictures), so we left the venue... only to be confronted by a queue heading round the block(they have a facebook group of about 2,000 people, i later discovered, which explains the numbers!), and headed home to enjoy our new old stuff, and imbibe cocktails( i made a cool manhattan).

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