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this year in review and some new year resolutions/projects...

getting fit... again, i've let the regime slip over the last couple of months, due to being busy with moving house and photography - so the weights have been gathering dust, but i had a plan to start a new fitness method, and ironically bounder came up with a strange drunken idea which i of course agreed was a great idea(through the medium of twitter), due to being strangely drunk at the time... so now i have something to aim for, with all that running.
i have already scouted out some vintage boxing boots, in anticipation.

musically, this year, i did very little, having taken up photography more than ever.
the results speak for themselves, as i get more positive feedback as a photographer, than i ever have had for my music.
there are still a few projects i have in mind though(i would like to play guitar like brian setzer and learn the harp...), and i know i should listen to rockabilly radio more often, as the music there is inspirational!
two or three hours listening to that station, is time not wasted.
this year - having johnny burnette's complete discography on my mp3 player has been a lifesaver... i wish i'd had it about 30 years ago(when most of it was unavailable of course).
the photography website should be finished over the holiday period, and from there, i will be selling prints and "the book" of my work so far... as well as using the site to get new work, and so on...
i've got a few vague portrait sessions lined-up with some interesting subjects, and of course, ideas will come(usually on the spur of the moment) through time... but nothing concrete is planned(although i am still musing on doing a video for my old musical cohort Laz, for one of his recent tracks...)
transport wise, i need to get the scooter back on the road, i'm looking at a few local scooter garages to just dump the machine into, tell 'em to strip it and repaint the sucker... should cost, but i'll have some wheels again.
maybe a vintage metallic green paintjob, bodywork update, some chroming and whitewall tyres.
more tattoos, and i need to get out more on a social basis(but with all the photography and travelling and moving house - taking-up my money, it's never that easy!).
one thing i need to do, is visit a few more places, like manchester and london... even if it's just to hang around in vintage clothing stalls... i need to talk to other people into that stuff.
2009 - it was a good year though(all over too damn quick), i had a lot of fun, and can't think of any bad times... very creative - possibly one afternoon springs to mind, sitting in a train station with a flashcard full of images, and feeling very content.

2010... it's going to be busy.
looking forward to it.

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