sounds from the street

Sounds from the street, sounds so sweet
What's my name?
It hurts my brain to think
Sounds from the city, sound so pretty
Young bands playing
Young kids digging - And I dig them
The USA's got the sea
Yeah, but the British kid's got the streets I don't mind, the city's
Sounds from the street, sounds just fine

hip hug her - booker T and the MGs

so i'm back online(full version) after a hiatus of a few weeks, where i had no connection, or used my blackberry on the go... we spent a few cosy evenings with radio4, and i plotted new creative endeavours to keep me occupied(i'm rhehearsing an idea for a hammond organ party album, of beatles, james bond and tv-themes...).
before i went offline, i did get involved in a bit of a spat with an online forum, which was quite an eye-opener, the story follows thus...

my fault really, i'd never actually read the magazine(who i won't name) before getting involved, i thought it would be a good way to chat with fellow music lovers, and maybe pick up a few tips(damned if i didn't discover some great music though...), but it soon ended-up with me getting into arguements with all these odd, little web-warriors, with no real opinions of their own... knocking down anything i had to say, with one line put-downs, such as "well, i read in a magazine that such-and-such were good, but i disagree... so there."
nice, thanks for the insight.
there were a few people who i enjoyed debating with, but they were sadly out-numbered by the majority who probably had very narrowly defined record-collections, which is too bad(for them, at least).

it all got a bit emotional, which of course is a good thing... who wants to sit and mumble about something that they feel passionate about?
naturally, i got into a routine of slagging off one particular vapid popstar who no one in their right mind would consider worthy of being in a magazine of musical legends... that was the crux of one particular problem though, the writers of the DTP version hailed all the usual old suspects as untouchable and the only modern material they rated was anything vaguely music-biz connected(ie - someone who's people spent a lot of money advertising in the magazine)... and any vaguely unknown bands were "spotty indie herberts", or something similar... also i found myself having to stand-up for loathing loathsome record-company bands... again not naming any names, but dross like coldplay, snowpatrol, radiohead... zzzzzz, sorry, where was i?

just out of curiosity however, i actually made the mistake of buying the current issue, as there was an article on how lilly allen had been hounded on the internet for her views on downloading... and the writer soon got down to the crux of the matter, which was basically criticising bloggers(the old professional writer versus someone who doesn't get paid to do it, and merely has an opinion).
not something i got involved in debating, but i waded in with some excellent quotes here... brilliant stuff really, i enjoyed that feeling of annoying people who thought that they themselves were above criticism.

language is my oxygen.

it was fun for a while, but hanging around with bitter old hippies isn't my thing, and i was just killing time until the inevitable internet shutdown.

read it and weep, i suppose.

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Helen Highwater said...

The attitude of that journalist towards one of those "spotty indie herberts" was disgusting. I have never seen the f-word used so copiously in a "proper" magazine. The indie bloke was merely pointing out that people like listening to music, but no, Mr Journalist had to put the boot in and say "eff you" about 20 times. Presumably because if he shouted it enough it would deafen everyone to the sense the indie bloke was saying.

I know from personal experience that there are journalists who abhor anyone who writes stuff on the internet, and all it does, far from put off "amateurs", is to display their own bitterness and insecurities.

And yes... people going on about how awesome Bruce Springsteen is whilst slagging off the Velvet Underground... not worth the time of day!

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