tuning up

alan on the keys
here's one i made earlier
got a call last night from alan - he'd noticed the myspace i'd put for him had gone awry... i blame flickr meself... lots of the images i'd linked to were "unavailable".
so i went through the html on the site and re-loaded all the addresses that i'd linked with.
in the interim, i also experimented with an animated gif. about 10 years after everyone else had been using them.
who says i can't embrace technology?
while working on the webpage, it occurred to me that i was also listening to a radio caroline rockabilly show on satellite, and that alan famously performed/recorded image which was used as a radio caroline theme tune for many years(amongst other uses!).

alan of course, played on hundreds of other musical projects, notably being john barry's organist of choice for all his big 60's film themes, as well as releasing plenty of his own material(i have a tidy little stash of his albums...).

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Retro, Air and Track Photography said...

Excellent stuff! I'd forgotten about that one. In the early days the tune was the last thing played before the daily station close down at midnight. Transmiter maintenance was carried out between midnight and six am then came the breakfast show.

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