the future is unwritten

i was watching said film this evening(a biog by julien temple about joe strummer), and as they covered the period where joe goes to granada after breaking up the clash...

we climbed it alright... all the way through the gipsy sector and up the steepest path in the world... it was worth it though ten times over!
on the way back it started raining - so we ducked into a flamenco bar built into the caves and had a nice lunch with free drinks!

they had this very view(including the tree in the background), during a voice-over.
this was a hill above granada in the al baicin, where we climbed up to see some cave houses, and came down the road, only to have it rain, and we ducked into a bar that had been carved out of the rock, for lunch.
yours sincerely - gobsmacked.

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