autumn is the finest time of all

i was reminded of this fine tune(whilst browsing a forum i haunt), and it took me back to my 80's days in scotland, when i was living in kilmarnock or aberdeen....
walking around in oversized coats, with those fingerless gloves that fishermen wear, spending a lot of time getting back to nature in various woods, hanging around with new people(the taste of dandelion coffee springs to mind as a signifier of the new era... we were re-inventing our world), there was a feeling that the old world order had changed, and that something new was dawning, although to be honest it did feel more like a nuclear winter than autumn.
i was exploring new places and meeting the sort of people i wanted to hang out with, as opposed to those that fate had thrown my way.

one of those periods in life, when you throw off the shackles of who you used to be at school(or more likely - who you were told you should be), as i was starting to find myself... a scruffy indie-kid with a rockabilly hair-do, listening to winsome indie music, post punk hybrids and the polecats...

it really did feel like one long wintertime, that carried on forever.
bonfires in the woods, walking along deserted beaches, taking shortcuts across industrial wastelands, finding the abandoned cricket pitch in kilmarnock with it's 1940's buildings still intact but unused in decades, parents well out of the scene - as they busied themselves with being old and boring(i was working now, so no longer depended on the past to support me), reading futurist manifestoes, looking at european art and wishing i could be as savvy as modern french illustrators, punks from sink estates tearing it up whilst drunk on cider, rattling old buses with no heating and steamy windows, riding around on my bike in impractical clothing, wondering why all my friends were disapearing one after another into some strange nether world called "beyond the town".
i was a mobile urban dodger(as i-D called us), wearing 50's clothing, raincoats, avoiding anything remotely fusty, listening to new music... working as a graphic designer for the local council, always staying one step ahead of responsibility, always on the lookout for joy.

Days of speed and slow time Mondays -
Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday -
Watching the news and not eating your tea -
A freezing cold flat and damp on the walls - that's entertainment!

funny how wearing second hand clothes can seem like the future.

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