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ok, so i signed-up to organise something a few weeks ago.
i'm not naming names, as this could be contentious at some point...
and yesterday i had to send out an email to all the people who had turned-up for the the thing i'd set-up...
now - if you have been on the birmingham page, you will
notice two things...
one is that the "winning photo" appears to have been chosen, and
funnily enough it's one of mine... this is an error, as walk leaders
cannot enter themselves as the winning photo(i will already qualify
for the "prize" so there is no point...). the software to enable
walkleaders wasn't made available on the site until sunday, so i
logged onto the site on sunday to do this and there was a problem with
the website not allowing anyone to upload the winning image as
directed, saying that the MAXIMUM uploads had been used(the answers to
that are buried deep in this thread here),
so after some sifting i found out that i needed to request a password
reset, this was requested and i checked back at 7 am on monday
morning... still no reset - and i assume it was changed/enabled
sometime around 11:00 am... no good for me, as i'm at work then.
i contacted one of the "people" running things and asked for some kind
of leniency here, as the site is running on US time, so is out of
kilter with the UK... but the answer was a negative one.
after i deleted all my images on the site, to allow me to upload the
winning image, one of my deleted images is now pegged as the "winning
image"... this is i assume because it was uploaded early on the day...
it is NOT the winning image however... the one i have chosen is a
superior image by Peter Owen and he will receive the prize.
this is due to a glitch on the site - the organisers were swamped with
contributions and there have been requests for a GMT friendly deadline
or at least one that allows for time differences around the world
should anything go rwong...

great thanks... now it looks like i obliged 30 strangers to turn-up and take photos, and walk around on a saturday afternoon, just so i could "award" myself the winning photo and "win" the prize that i was already going to get for doing the organising.
the reply i got from someone involved was basically - we've been working on this all weekend and if you can't get it sorted yourself, then too bad... but it was a US weekend timescale and after i'd tried a few times to upload the winning image, swore a lot, gone onto the flickr group, worked out there was a glitch on the website, sent off to someone for a password reset, gone to bed, got up for work(v.important that i go to work...)and found it still didn't work, and come back, it was all too late and no chance of a bit of leniency.
grrrr... so here's some jimmy smith!!!

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