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greaser in the studio
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sleep, who needs it?
when i can be slogging around the house at 5 in the morning because it's really stuffy in the house, aghast that the lagerlesbians next door are still awake, with all their lights blazing..?
or when i can be up and out the house in digbeth for 9 o'clock, to join in the summer xmas fun of the big paws radio show... which i listen to during saturday breakfast-time.
they were having an xmas special, and invited people along for presents and festive food, so who could resist...
that's me on the right of the photo(wearing a newly acquired vintage tootal shirt), wide awake but keeping quiet (and stifling laughter - hence the expression), as i was off mike, and wouldn't be heard anyway(memories of the pirate broadcasting days and my own little station i ran from my house when i was about 13... somewhere there are tapes of me with a high pitched voice, playing sex pistols records in 1978...)
fun to watch the show in person, surrounded by various regular contributors from the show- even if we couldn't hear some of the songs which was a shame as they played a killer graham parker track!
presents were handed out, H. got a set of badges with shakespearian insults on them, i was given a shuttlecock set with tiger faces on the bats, as well as various crackers being pulled - and in return (keeping to a brum theme)we passed on a tiswas best-of video(that i'd found in a vintage shop) to catnip - as tiswas had been recorded on broad street at central television studios(which is now a vacant lot) and a birmingham information film/video to bounder(which i acquired many moons ago... a short documentary inviting middle class people to move to the suburbs of edgbaston whilst sampling the cultural delights of the city... it's a load of snobbytosh basically, where the only working class people you see are waiters and such... plus it's all pre-inner-city-ghetto living which is now the case in the city centre... so the film is out-of-date anyway! but i thought bounder would appreciate as a psychogeographer of the city viewing a snapshot of how some people wanted birmingham to be presented at the time...) - he's blogged it on here

There Is A Better Lifestyle from bounder on Vimeo.

there was an offer of going to the custard factory cafe for more fun after the show, but we went to visit the vintage shop in digbeth, which surprisingly had some good woolrich coats in stock, amongst all the hipster crap that they usually sell, then headed off for some coffee and croisants followed by a visit to cybercandy for american chocolate.
i was after a dressy looking pork pie hat with a stingey brim for a forthcoming thing(to be written about after it happens!), so i dragged our slowly flagging selves down to the birmingham indoor market... but all my regular hat stall had was "mean streets" type leather pork pie hats...
eventually i headed off to top banana for a cool button-down vintage shirt(but not a hat) - where they had some damn nice towncraft shirts, but none in my size, followed by coffee and a chat, to revive myself before heading home tired and sleepy, like eddie cochran did...

today was a good day for spotting people in micheal jackson t-shirts though, the worst of which was the short aggressive woman wearing a black "king of pop" t-shirt, who was offering people to a fight on colmore row(WHO'S BAD!), and the best was seeing a grandad in a red "king of pop" t-shirt, with matching red shorts and sandles in kings heath... whodafunkit!!!


Helen Highwater said...

Oh you went to King's Heath - I wondered why it took you so long to nip and get a buspass from town!

Yes, it was fun watching them do the show, and that the janitor bloke actually has a broom, the "Noel Edmonds" bloke knocking up the guy to give him his Christmas present even grew an Edmonds-style beard for occasion, even though it was radio.

eightball said...

and you even wore a dress!
reminds me of the time i was in the audience for the last ever radio 5 chat-show, before it went all-sport... and frank sidebottoms was on the show, wearing his papier-mache head...

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