my jelly roll soul

today was a day for offering me random stuff i didn't ask for for:

our next door neighbours asked if we wanted to rent their superior house off them, as they are moving out.
(we are moving in a couple of weeks to our own place)
i was offered information on religions both western and eastern based, by various pamphleteers.
(i studied theology, get over it)
i was offered flyers for house music clubs.
(i was wearing a 50's jacket and knitted shirt - in fact i even remonstrated these people saying "i'm into rockabilly!!!" and of course i am way too old to go to a club like that... besides the fact that i was heading to a record shop to buy a charles mingus album... blues & roots, should you wonder, although i'm listening to wille dixon as i write this )
i was offered money-off vouchers twice by sad little macDo' people.
(the first time i laughed and asked the person to f-off. the second time i laughed and said "no thanks i only eat healthy food!" - we were on the way to a tofu restuarant)
there were some more forcefull pamphleteers in New street, one of whom attempted to follow me, but as i mumbled a greeting in my basic polish, he quickly thought better of it and fled.
obscurism is usually the best bet.
but the big question of the day is that, with all that the internet provides, is there any need for proffering info like this in the street anymore?
within seconds i can be in touch with anything i wish to know about...
and of course most info proffered in the street is usually from an organisation who enjoy surpressing that facet of freedom of choice.
so ya boo.

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