my aim is true

thinking ahead here(ha! visual pun...)
i bought a hat, a real one.
been after one of these for a while now... keep seeing similar ones around that never quite reach teh target, this will do me just right(with a leather jacket for that cliched joe strummer look i enjoy...), get a hat, get ahead!
but i digress...
house move in motion soon, so i'm using that as a milestone of sorts, to put a few things to bed and strengthen other ideas i have been working on...
i'm plotting a book of photography - some of my best shots in one handy compendium, all sorted out, just have to sit down and work out which images to use, and in which order then send it off to the printer.
i'll be selling it around like a pimp, so keep 'em peeled.
i may invest in a printer to run off individual shots, this should be good as i get to see stuff on walls - there is a digital photography magazine which is campaigning for photographers to get back into printing again(as they say - we put the stuff up on the web, and stick it on cd's but never experience them in a frame... which is exactly what i'm guilty of...).
i plan to visit some dramatic locations next year - if there is time and such this year, i may fit in a weekend to some old seaside towns though...
the music is going to take a back seat to photography, i'm selling off old synths and guitars like nobody's business, although i will continue with the helvatones and record an album of bluesy stuff(working title memphis stew), featuring mainly hammond and bass/drums but precious little of my inept attempts at guitar(which i have been trying to learn all year....).
i will be stepping up the podcasts, with a good mix of rockabilly/blues/post-punk/dub-influenced sounds... this should be at least once or twice a month... i have a lot to say about music and some great material that deserves to be enthused about(i'm in an ian dury mood at the moment).
so the move, is a good point at which to finish/start ideas.
now about that hat...

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