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ok - i have no time for lonnie bleedin' donnegan, but he did kick off the punk revolution with his DIY attitude in the 50's, and he was one of the first white artists to have the good taste to pretend to be a black blues musician... so i do owe him a lot.
this compilation is pretty damn hot.
all the usual suspects are here - but playing alongside lesser obscure stuff like terry dene, marion ryan, eden kane and jim dale - who never really made it into the mainstream, and of course properly obscure tracks such as nero & the gladiators(a while back i emailed "nero" himself, now a silver surfer, and asked him if he was putting out some material on cd... he promised to let me know, but i never heard from him... which is too bad, i've been chasing their stuff for ages)... also i was keen to get my mitts on bad boy/marti wilde, wondrous place/billy fury, bongo rock/the jetstreams... and mostly a lot of other stuff i'd read about in the restless generation book, which ties in neatly with this boxset.
i won't need anything to listen to for a while - this is a great list of tracks... as i said there are well-known tracks, but put in context with lesser known material, it all feels quite fresh.
i was even nearly put off by some of the hokey artists like lulu and donnegan...
i'm sure i'll pop a few of the obscure songs on the next podcast, which incidentally has been doing well, thanks to some good people putting the word out!
recently i've been sporting some huge mutton chops(reverse goatee, i call it), it feels odd looking different, but i get fed-up looking at the same face in the mirror everyday, so it's a welcome change... now i look like a teddy boy in casual clothing now(i am not a teddy boy though - that's a whole different lifestyle.), so listening to this comp is ironic to say the least...

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