hollywood cha cha cha

it's is my birthday today.
i celebrated it last night, watching a smiths/morrissey tribute band ambitious outsiders... who were scarily like the real thing, the front man has all the moz mannerisms down to a tee - even the in-between song banter.
i got rightly drunk, and talked to people like never before, i even had someone come up to me to commiserate with me in not being able to see morrissey(he had cancelled his gig in the city - but i didn't have a ticket for it anyway...).
it was one of those strange events, where you could imagine if the smiths hadn't taken off, and he'd never had a solo career, then this would be the sort-of venue morrissey would have had to play...
anyway, i got drunk and was probably abusive to people.
i spoke to the singer and told him how good i thought they were - and he came over to us to talk and left his setlist...
so another good night out.
we arrived home hoping to find somewhere open to eat, and were reminded by the lights out everywhere... that we live in the part of town where shops close on a wednesday afternoon.
marti wilde/bad boy

got up eventually this morning and received cool birthday gifts: a mug with the london underground font(from the u.s.), a jc penney atomic print shirt(from england), a model kit for a '53 ford victoria, and the 7" of marti wilde singing bad boy(that i had bought on ebay...) - plus we went to a local greasy spoon and sat amongst the old folk eating a vegetarian all-day breakfast.
that done we mooched around for a bit - then headed off into town where i treated myself to a new bunnet(unfortunately teh local shopowner has one, and seems confused as to why i should want to wear one), then we headed uptown to the art-gallery for lunch in the edwardian tearoom... which was just damn nice.
h. had to go off to a class, so i did some more mooching around on my own, before heading home still tired from the night before... but happy none-the-less.
tomorrow weather permitting, i'm planning to head off to tyseley railway museum(if i can blag it in - as they usually don't open weekdays), or failing that somewhere else photogenic...

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