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rock revival
well, i headed to blackheath today - with the express purpose of finding some obscure rock&roll on vinyl, and the old place didn't let me down...
always a bit wierd going to blackheath though, it really is like heading back into the fifties... strange people stand around at bus-stops watching interlopers in their city-style hats and fancy yancy clothing... i always get eye-balled walking around this part of the 'shire!
the thrift shops are something else, the junk/detrious from the past really piles up here... you can wade through endless shakin' stevens and cliff richard albums, but eventually you will hit paydirt(see above).
the single is hank c. burnette, a cult figure on the rockabilly scene, from sweden, who changed his natural name to the more american sounding hank...
i can remember the riff at the end from my childhood, as a radio DJ used it on his rock-show(can't stop, keep rockin' kid)... and the b-side is the perenial "don't mess with my ducktail"... this appeared on the sonet label in the uk, and was, i think, eventually picked-up by sun records.
it's quite a cool single, spinning rock boogie is a quirky instrumental, with odd little sound effects throughout.
i like it a lot.
the album - looks like a neo-rockabilly cash-in, but has some excellent tracks on it(i'm listening to caldonia by james brown - which i don't recall hearing before).
6870-535...v/a: Rock Revival LP (19??)
A1 Gary U.S. Bonds Quarter To Three
A2 The Contours, Do You Love Me
A3 The Sensations Let Me In
A4 The Champs, Tequila
A5 The Drifters, Save The Last Dance For Me
A6 Jerry Lee Lewis Johnny B. Goode

B1 Dicky Doo & The Don'ts Ne-Ne-Na-Na-Nu-Nu
B2 Fats Domino Introductions - Bluberry Hill
B3 Chuck Berry Memphis Tennessee
B4 James Brown Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head Hard?)
B5 Jerry Lee Lewis Hit The Road Jack
B6 Fats Domino I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
B7 Fats Domino So Long

that's a well-informed tracklist there.
chuffed again.
i wanted some rockin' music and blackheath didn't disapoint.
i found a polaroid camera for H. which was worth nearly £100 on amazon, as well as picking up some 1950's crockery and a red/white striped chance cordon range handkerchief vase from about 1961.
chance brothers were actually based in smethwick - and created some damn fine tableware as well as the glass in the crystal palace in 1851(which means that the vase was probably made round here).

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