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april 2009 flickrmeet
had an entertaining night out at perry barr dog racing stadium, last night.
we were stood out side for most of the evening - and i spent most of it wishing i'd brought my camera... the panoramic view and the clouds were amazing, really intense - as the sun went down over the onestop shopping arcade(not a nice place...).
the venue was old school, very basic white and fake pine, with wobbly tables and we drank warm beer in plastic beakers like we were children, from a woefully understocked range at the bar.
some people had the hotdogs which were inedible - i opted for the vegeburger(and even though i had to wait 5 minutes whilst being buzzed by some old des o'connor in a lemon yellow V-neck), it tasted great(unlike the hotdogs which i suspect had been marinating in oil... the joys of healthy eating.).
didn't really get into the gambling side of things, and only bet once on a dog with the name ben(as my mate stood beside me is also called ben), but to be honest the two legged ben was faster. i kind-of regretted not betting later, as i had a hunch that a dog called "high tea" would win a race(i'd had high tea the previous weekend), and it romped home to a clear win(as they say in racing circles).
i'd hoped we were going to be indoors and hadn't dressed for the weather, so stood around freezing, cursing the irony that the many warm jackets i owned were languishing on hangers at home - not to mention hats.... which i couldn't have worn, as i'd pomped my hair(hoping to gain the ire of the regulars).
i have to admit i haven't seen so many unhealthy people in a long time, yellow sunken eyes glaring back at me in the neon ...errrmm glare.
lots of old geezers moving around in V-necks, now i know who still buys them - and groups of lairy young men dressed like off-duty policemen(in those pastel ripped t-shirts with stencil lettering on them), with bored kids scuttling about.
not my side of town i'm afraid... there's monster trucks at the venue on monday, which i'd like to go to... but i reckon there will be fighting(har-har!).
good night out though - nice to socialise with people i only see at work.

sugar skull tattoo
got a new tattoo started last weekend, i was thinking of going back this weekend and having another one(two in a fortnight is excessive!), as the artist who did this one had some more good images in the shop.
i'd toyed with the idea of spiderwebs and diamonds for a long time - and this image fits the bill(as well as having a sugarskull image which i had also coveted.).
i've got a week off coming-up though - i can attend the studio during the week and spend more time there.
still plotting what to have as a chest-piece... currently i like the idea of a nautical image...

but if i'm going to have some torso work done, then it means i need to do some workout to get into shape... at the studio last week i was discussing this while getting inked and dave the tattooist said i should have a stomach tattoo - but who would ever see it, if i'm not in the habit of walking around topless.
a chest piece would be better as i can have it on display heh-heh....

today started off in fine style with me stumbling drunkenly out of bed and asking the big paws to play fuckoff by wayne county and the electric chairs, for my nan as it's her birthday(it's not in any way at all - but it provided some spontaneous hilarity at the idea...).
musically i'm anticipating the arrival of some material by mink deville, which sounds a lot like van morrison fronting the velvet underground.
right now - i'm following on from my jazzateers obsession by listening to hipsway.

caps... dave tango is an unlikely fashion symbol - but he's always rockin' teh flatcap on ghosthunters (my favourite paranormal show), and it's a look i'm into these days, so seeing him week in and out wearing flatcaps inspired me to get some of my own:
the grey herringbone was from ebay, from an oldman's shop on ebay, the newsboy hats (the favourite one is the atomic fleck), are from bakers in the bullring indoor market(i went there two weeks running after sniffing around humming and hawing... and the bloke at the till couldn't have been nicer and was glad to see me back for more hat, saying he was glad to sell to someone who enjoyed their hats!)... i saw the cream colour flatcap last week on a stall round the corner from bakers and it stuck in my head, so i bought that one today(it's a lightweight mesh, just right for summer, and H. told me i looked like i should be driving a sportscar... ironically i do own a pair of dents driving gloves) - and had fun randomly swapping hats through the day(we went to a soya bar for tofu chinese food - and i had on different hats thru the day... who says i dont know how to have japes)...
i've gone off the baseball/trucker hat... they don't match my wardrobe as now i'm wearing more rockabilly stuff, and they have all the cachet of jeremy clarkson these days... with all the urbanhipsters wearing ironic 80's caps - the more formal old man headwear is enough of a departure ... these caps all fall into place with the 50's jackets i wear though - and look a lot neater.

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