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picnic area
picnic area/birmingham nature centre
summer is here, and it's off to see the animals in residence at birmingham's nature centre.
we got off on bristol road and had to walk down pebble mill lane to the pershore road, so cue lots of memories of pebble mill at one, the bbc's flagship daytime programme for many years, situated in edgbaston and broadcast to the world... i was on this programme once back in '85, along with aled jones, craig charles(i am not a fine young cannibal!), and the newly solo nick heyward.
and hey - one person recognised me in the street back home, a week later... oh, that's him by the way - said a typically underwhelmed laconic kilmarnock resident to his friend(people in kilmarnock generally don't rate stuff like going on the telly, it's all a bit too show-offy for their calvinist minds to handle...).
it's always a bit wierd walking past the old site(now that the building is long gone), as the view from the studio window is so familiar to people(especially if like me, they lazed around on the dole for most of the 80's...).
a standard image of a bearbin... i played the waiting game with some lad who was waiting to chuck some rubbish into it(he gave up in the end, and threw something into shot!), whilst i was framing the image...
the challenge was of course to take shots at the centre avoiding the animals(who all probably have agents), even though i was hoping for the cliched animal snout closing into wide-angle....
happily though - i settled for this shot:
finga thing


Anonymous said...

Suitable venue for a Flickrmeet?

eightball said...

it would indeed be suitable for a flickrmeet... we should contact them first, and it's £3 to get in, but plenty of parking and easy to get to.
lots of imagery to capture - not just the animals.
good idea!

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