surfs up

went out thriftscoring this morning and also dumped a load of old paperbacks in one shop... doing my bit for easter goodwill.
picked-up some classic vinyl too... reggatta de blanc, the 2nd album by the police album has been hanging around in the same shop for a few weeks now, and i've been meaning to go in and pick it up, but up until now have been otherwise unable to get in there.
alongside the well known songs there's a dark undercurrent of lyrics about loneliness, suicide, prostitution.... this was before sting got a bit too precious, so there's larking about and such - but it's a genre defining moment: mixing rock and reggae with a bit of new-wave gloominess.
was i really only 14 when this came out... hanging about round my mate's house(who always had better records than me), and he had this album(unlike some of my less populist music based friends), but then he also had girlfriends and a brother with a scooter.
...memories of that whole new-wave thing, strip-lighting and staying up late.
ok - this pales next to jah wobble/public image ltd, and their own mix of reggae/rock, or anything by the slits/the pop group/a certain ratio... but there is a connection.
more 1979 related vinyl later on today:
no thugs in our house
30 years ago... me loitering in amusement arcades, summers that went on forever...
surfs up by the beach boys - i got this from the library back in kilmarnock, when they sold off a load of old records circa 1986... gave that copy to laz, but have since bought it on cd, now i have it vinyl again, so i can listen to it downstairs in glorious mono.
it really is an undiscovered gem of an album, slightly melancholy but hopefull... the sort of thing to play late on a summer evening with a glass of something.
songs about conservation, dont go near the water - pollution in the sea and tree hugging... probably the last indiosyncratic beach boys album, before they settled into just releasing great material.
two great albums that have followed me for years - you never forget this stuff.
frank... you can't go rwong with a good bit of frank, this album has summer wind which has always been a favourite of mine... class.
i really need a week of listening to post surf beach boys albums.
i also found an elvis football-top which will be a bit of fun at work.

on the way back from shopping, i came to the conclusion that mobile phones have gone from being tools of communication, to latter day pocketeers.
sorry, they suck now.
what's with all the applications, toys and gizmos.
using them on twitter, texting and for calls... fine, that sort of thing, communicate.
but all those toys and camera-things.
i think i was out to lunch when someone brought that in.
there's an ad on telly on TV at the moment, with a smug hipster walking around some generic city centre (looks like west bromwich to be honest), playing with little buttons and shit on his mobile phone.... oblivious to the sunny day, and scenery around him.
i have my mp3 permanently glued to my ears, it's true... but i wouldn't want my journey disprupted by calls or anything.
i missed out on the point of it all, sorry.
i think i'm scarred from the time i phoned someone, who was on the loo at the time(and even perplexed by the fact that he answered - why do people always say can you call me later, i can't talk right now?).

when i were young - phones were things you're parents owned+controlled... they weren't for us kids... then the mobile was seen as a yuppie thing, then a drug-dealer thing, now it's another adjunct to a camera/game/music-player...
i think secretly i'm just annoyed that pocketeers came out slightly too late for me to look cool playing on at my age then... not that it stopped me from collecting as many as i could get my hands on though!

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