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one of those moments... iit happened to me years ago when i bought a castle records comp of singles by the zombies... they were familiar to me through the well-known tunes, but listening to the album, i realised there was more to this band that i'd realised and all off a sudden i was a zombies fan. when i watched a gig by the dead 60s - and it dawned on me how fcuking good they were.
all yesterday i'd had runaway by del shannon stuck in my head, courtesy of the american graffitti soundtrack album i'd been listening to - and i had a del shannon greatest hits album kicking about... i'd played it a few times, but never really listened to it, even after i'd read that johnny marr wanted the smiths to be like a del shannon song(although i always thought the smiths were more like the wild swans, but i digress).
so bang! i had a real jones for del shannon material this morning and listened to that greatest hits cd this morning... excellent stuff, over-wrought, clever and sometimes primitive, like scott walker without any pretension, with lots of dum-dum-dum paff jesus and marychain breaks... where had this artist been all my life... yet again i'm left thinking that i should have gotten into him about 20-odd years ago, and how life would have been etc....
now i'm acquiring mostly all his stuff (nearly 20 albums of various periods in his life).
maybe there's a connection with del shannon and the wild swans...

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