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a lovers concerto - the toys
classy little northern soul single i picked-up today(digging the crates) - one that i've heard maybe a million times and never get tired off.
One day we shall return
To this place upon the meadow.
We'll walk out in the rain,
See the birds above singing once again

from elsewhere on the interweb:
Embellished with a piano "thunderstorm" intro that neatly prefigured the "rain" in the opening lyrics, "A Lover's Concerto" updated Johann Sebastian Bach's "Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach, Minuet In G," a five finger piano exercise. One also hears echoes of the Supremes' "Back In My Arms Again."
just a nice little soul record, that makes the sun shine again...

today was notable for being the day that i first got round to trying sailor jerry rum... which was damn fine, really smooth(you can taste the added flavour of lime and vanilla - made to jerry's specifications), with a little kick at the end.
as they have sold about 10 million bottles of this stuff, you could say i've got some catching-up to do... this is strong stuff though, so i may reserve it for special occasions, like when i don't have to get up the next day(which i usually do, even at weekends...).
the combination of northern soul and jamaican rum however, is just too fine...
the day had started well with the big paws accepting my record request, to hear a lady gaga cd being snapped in half...
we'd seen here on a tv chatshow the night before, and as i suspected she didn't mention music once in her interview...

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