dirty old town

april 2009 flickrmeet

the first outing for the new lens, to a specific place - the april flickrmeet, and i'm impressed with the results and the way the lens handled(nowhere near as unwieldy as i thought it would be).

april 2009 flickrmeet

spent an enjoyable afternoon wandering around beneath spaghetti junction(if that is at all possible) and along the adjacent canals(i like old canals and the stuff that they visually entail), and after seeing the gasometers, had "i saw my love by the gaswork lights" stuck in my head awhile...

april 2009 flickrmeet

i really pushed the envelope as far as the images were concerned, and it was actually quite relaxing having to work stuff out - unlike the manic frenzy that can result from using the olympus.
it was a damn good day weatherwise too - although i had hoped for some dramatic clouds(i had to really tweak the images to get some semblance of drama - see above)

april flickrmeet 2009

and i got to go overboard with post-processing techniques i'd just learned, such as duotone/lith/HDR... regretably, i didn't take a panoramic image - but i think with the wide-angle being used so extensively, it would be over-egging the pudding...

april 2009 flickrmeet

but i got a whole bunch of favourite images on the walk.
after traversing the canal and some bleak walkways under the flyovers, we came across a yard full of bridge scaffolding which was like an elephant's graveyard.

flickrmeet april 2009

people perked-up, and i for one started all over again... excellent location and kudos to those who organised it all... i've seen some pretty damn good shots by other people from the day too.

ah - it all ended too soon though, i'd just got into chatting to new faces in the post-pubmeet and it was time to get a lift home.
i've spent most of last week in photoshop, working on the good stuff and deleting the chaff, whilst getting onto my new-wave sounds mojo: currently i'm listening to edge of the seventies - which is like listening to a late 70's kid jensen show on the evening radio... minus the dj chatter of course.

flickrmeet april 2009

still to come - landscape images of the city taken from high up(a high rise building block and a carpark), a trip to a construction site in the city(with some half finished buildings), a run down churchyard in handsworth, some macro work, and... i've offered up my portrait services to a local paranormal group(should be usefull for getting some dramatic portrait shots!!!)

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Helen Highwater said...

These pics are great - the post-processing has worked really well.

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