stagger lee is back

soul blues

inspired by the great richard heeps, whom i am a fan of...
and(below) some new ideas for imagery:


Bearwood Panorama

Lightwood Park panorama

up early on sunday morning, with the dogwalkers(a very prolific breed in bearwood), setting up on street corners and spinning the tripod round... new kit used: the cokin P series ND4 graduated filter taking the brightness out of the sky... but i need a darker filter for longer exposures... i've been reading a lot of camera magazines - getting the knowledge on how to "do" landscapes, as it's all very much more complicated than i could ever have thought... hyperfocal distance?
i wasn't too impressed with the panoramic images, but it's early days yet, and i've only just got the hang of doing on photoshop(maybe i'll save it for the flickrmeets though...).
it was nice to be out early though, in the park hearing the birds with the sun coming up.
maybe i'll get some more images next sunday(i like the idea of shooting inside a local bandstand).
listened in to episode #2 of the big paws - and it was rather good, nothing like a bit of comedy banter first thing in the morning... even got a track played to a surprised H. who was sitting in her pyjamms enjoying the show... thanks people!
going to start work on the book through the week - got to write some biog stuff, and work out what to put in and in what order...
i'm aiming at having it ready by the middle of next of next month...

i intended for us to go to the irish quarter st pat's day parade... and of course turned-up late( i do have some irish blood in me after all), but i still managed to grab a few alan parr-esque images along the way:

st patrick's day - birmingham

so not a total fail, then.

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