so far away

whilst heading to the brum bloggers meet last night, i spent a few minutes in the "music and video exchange" and picked-up this:
soul and blues
so far away/hank jacobs - on the sue records label - an old favourite instrumental tune of mine.
excellent stuff.
i also went to waterstones and ironically bought marshall macluhan's the medium is the massage book...
had a good time at the blooger meet too...
did a bit of bloggerspotting: nicky getgood, citizensheep, pete ashton, three created in birmingham writers, as well as a few people i hadn't read, such as kondwani and richard tubb and sharon howard
so it was all good - had some nice tea and a big plate of chips...


Grace said...

Actually thought about coming this time but was either marching or sleeping, something like that!

Do you think it's for me?

eightball said...

they are nice people.
it was good to put faces to the blogs i've been reading.
you'll find a few new faces you'll want to talk to.
i'd recommend it just for the lovely chips they do in the green room, alone!

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