rock-a-hula baby!

getting a little bit self-reverential here, it's time to trim some of my webstuff, i feel.
if you take a look at my flickr profile, there's too many things going on, i'm spreading myself too thin trying to keep up with all this stuff.
i'm going to start deleting accounts i no longer use, or ones that i don't get much out of.
embarrassingly, i have several projects on myspace sites... but i've had enough of being contacted by silver surfers and fairy-goddess princesses, so they will be the first thing to go.
i've got the reverb nation site for music stuff i do, and the myspace photography site is very stale, apart from one or two people - i get nothing creative out of it anymore... i think it would be a bold statement to get rid of it and say i'd moved on, and concentrate on photography based sites if anything.
there's even a new photowebsite on the go, with about 7,000 people on it, it's in it's infancy, like an early flickr... it would be good to get onboard with it while it's quite nascent.
facebook has saved itself by helping me stay in touch with (amongst others) someone i knew at school and someone i used to knock around with... interesting to see how our lives have all changed and gone off at tangents(that's what i like about keeping up with these stories)...
flickr stays there because it's useful for posting photos on here - and they would all disappear otherwise, but damn it's annoying sometimes...
i need to get the podcast thing going again - maybe i'm just spooked at the sound of my own voice!
i feel like i'm entering "phase two" of my photography, as recently i've been doing a lot of studying and reading on this thing that i've been doing for years... and i can see the technical failings some of my images have(which are irrelevant to whether or not they "work") - so it feels like a good time to have a clear out, with it being spring and all that.
and with my own website in development and new communication like twitter/facebook/gmail, all the old sites are becoming very redundant and slow - and i could do with spending less time online and more time working on the book i'm supposed to be doing....

been listening to the big paws this weekend on saturday mornings - even got a mention off them which was nice, as i'd recommended an obscure electro hit from back in the day(lawnchairs by our daughter's wedding... i have it on 7" but they played a longer, slightly better version which i hadn't heard, so thanks for that!) and sunday social round about sunday lunchtime - but the station has it's very own rockabilly show, which is encouraging to hear... i'm going to have to get up and stay in the house on a sunday morning next weekend.
all these shows are very enjoyable, no repetition and playing an eclectic mix... it's not hard to do this, to be individual, so what happens to the main stations - why do they all sound so bland and uninspiring if they are all so professional?

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