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well, a busy day - right from the off!
got up and listened to the big paws - surprisingly slick sounding, i say surprisingly as i didn't know what to expect, but it was quite successfull i thought, and seamless... so good work for a first radio time radio show.
made me laugh to think of my own attempts at radio-presenting when i did shows as a bored teenager - and my own brief appearance on pirate radio back in '99...
just to be in the loop - i started up a twitter account(only days after deleting my first one... i made the mistake of having too many people i didn't know, and got snowed under with a barrage of in-jokes and witty one-liners.... i got tech-fear and deleted it, damn you alvin toffler)
on another technical aside - i even managed to get this blog at work for a day, before the stalindroid found it and banned it's ass out of existence.
back to the show - plenty of odd bits of music and a few old coldcut type tracks(i want Bhuddafinger!).
looking forward to hearing more - and it's more than a radio show as both presenters are tech-savvy, so there's lots going on beside music and chat with twitter updates and web forums... i had this theory about ten years ago that technolgy would become more sublime and at the same time more interactive, and so far it's proving me right.

after breakfast - i helped box up some haiwian shirts to take to the stall in the rag market(after we'd done the post-office run) - didn't see anything i wanted to buy there, so we got paid for the shirts and left in profit(for once).
we went to jessops and i bought a graduated nuetral density filter from the PSY there, for tomorrow's flickrmeetupthing: i'm planning to do some long exposure landscape images(and have been practising at home with various f.stops), so i need one of these to darken the sky and bring out the cloud shadows - i've never been a filter-type, i used a starlight filter ages ago on the olympus:
flickrmeet nov 07 (33)
i wasn't too wild about the effect - i've always thought filters can be a bit gimmicky, and should only be used in PP... but i'm leaning to them this year, as i'm still learning after nearly 30 years of photography... so i'm starting with the basic ND filter.

we had some M+S vouchers - so went shopping for sensible stuff for 10 minutes... and i saw the saddest sight: some poor bloke being made to buy smart-but-casual old man's clothing by his missus... there should be a law against it.
ironically H wouldn't let me buy the old men's Y-fronts they had on sale(even though they are cheaper than any other style!)

off to kingsheath next, and the vintage clothing fair... nothing there for me i'm afraid, it was all a bit too ironic... i'll never get why people want to wear those little leather jerkins(and i've yet to see anyone wear one) that vintage shops have loads of... they were only ever worn by those creepy smooth types in the 80's, who figured that if they had an airbrushed image of a testarosa on their bedroom wall... they would get to see some girl action...
bussing up kingsheath high street, i was dismayed that i didn't get to see my old house-mate trudging around dogwalking in green wellies, carrying a poop-scoop with a kill-me-now look on his face....
the vintage fair was ok though - H. had fun sifting through the stuff.
i took us off to top banana next, and we stayed for ages, chatting to gregg the owner, having a much needed cuppa and i bought some vintage converse for the summer(as planned) and a repro-vintage bowling shirt(no, i don't need a bowling shirt, i have loads - but this one was more than nice!).
hopped on the bus and got ourselves home...
i need to play around with the filter and such for tomorrow, and get batteries charged.
there is a rockabilly all-dayer on today, i could've gone and stood around all day watching some bands(which is ok by me), but i wouldn't be able to do all the other stuff that i want to do(like go on a photo-session tomorrow and get myself out of the studio... where i've been all winter.)
roll on spring and summer!
speaking of being in the studio - last weekend was a session with maya aka: classique.
which is proving popular on flickr, as there aren't many vintage styled images like this on there...
it was her first session with a photographer, and i think i got some good images out of it - 10 worthwhile photos out of a whole afternoon is good going, and a lot of hard work went into it from everyone's perspective, but she's since said she's very happy with the images, so that means a lot...
anyway, courtesy of the big paws, a link to this:

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