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bearwood sunday morning

hah! my lowepro slingshot arrived today, doorstep delivery... lovin' the net for a change.
can't stop playing "this is soul" compilation on atlantic records vinyl from 1972... listening to blues/rockabilly on the eightpod whilst on the move and hearing this stuff when i come home.

love the cover shot...
the sort of album that only sounds good on a mono record player from the sixties.

occasionally it occurs to me, that i could have bought a car or a new motorbike instead of all this.
rather that spending my time shuffling around in vintage clothing shops for that one item that will inspire me, searching out an image that says something or digging the crates for an old guitar/record/camera, i could have been sitting in some posh restuarant sipping a glass of chilled cat-wee, congratulating myself on my choice of starters.
so i sit here typing, with the dansette next to me, playing some old vinyl recording that talks to me, deep down, great stuff!
i always think back to that scene in the blues brothers (belushi and great music, you wan't more!?!), when they are cruising in the cop car, and sam+dave comes on the soundtrack...
otis on the wheel of steel
sometimes i think i could have taken some dumb accounts degree and could have been a fairly average accountant as opposed to a fairly average photography-geek.
but you know, that wouldn't have made any difference... i'd still be taking photos or making some sort of creative contribution to the world.
this stuff is important to me... like breathing.
something i've always done... i can remember being stuck for the summer in kilmarnock whilst at college, with no money to go anywhere on holiday(no sunning myself on foreign shores like some people), and heading back to college at the end of the summer with an armfull of ideas that kept me going for the rest of the year.
ps: remember, old clothes do not make a tortured artist.
to quote dexy's midnight runners, who i've been listening to recently.

what a week for learning.
i got hold of the book "understanding exposure" by brian peterson and i'm beginning to think that i'm about to enter the "second phase" of my photography.
it's never too late to learn, and if you think you know it all, then you're only fooling yourself.
i'm kind-of blown away by the possiblities of now being able to work out exactly what the f.stop is for(i used to shoot in RAW and would correct it all in PP), and it led me to a lot of articles on histograms, which i have mostly ignored - coming from a film background... this is not unusual for photographers who made the transition from analogue to digital - that we tend to stick to exposure meters to get our readings from.
i used f.stop and so on quite a lot, but it was always something i did on the run, and never took the time to sit down and understand any of it... i mean, if it works, why try to fix it?

now, i can see that my photography was particularily more haphazard than it should have been... those gigs where i struggled to get good readings, or the recent incident when i was trying in vain to get a good shot of O. against a black background...
show image.
i was metering with the camera's light meter for the whole image, when i should have used my own and metered O's face, and not tried to include the background - which is why it was an impossible task, as i was trying to aim for a balanced histogram on such an obviously extreme dark+light image.
that damn little wheel that i never really understood - on the body of the canon camera... the olympus has it built into the menu function, and i operate it from there, used it loads - but there are so many things to condsider when you take a photo, it's art+science!

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Helen Highwater said...

Cripes, is that me in the stripey top on the album cover?

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