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I sincerely apologise for the way in which you were treated in one of our stores.
I have forwarded your message to the Area Manager whom will speak to the branch regarding this matter.
I can confirm that this is not the way we operate in our branches or through our internet department and hope there is someway we can regain you custom if not now then in the future.
If you are still in the market for some photographic equipment please call myself on the number below or if I am unavailable then our sales staff will put together your order.

i'd gone into a shop to enquire about some new lense kit, i was jovial, interested in shooting the hsit with another photographer, try and get them to convince me i wanted to spend a three figure sum in their shop... man, i got patronised... grrr!
i'm not the most technical of people, i buy the sucker, use it up and wear it out - move on!
but my money talks, y'know.
i asked about a fish-eye, and the response was that most people baulked at the price for what was basically a "gimmick"... in other words, i was asking him for a lemon and i wouldn't want it (makes a change having a salesman tell me i don't want to buy something), i wanted some sort of fish-eye curvature on a wide-angle, which the pugturd would've found out if he hadn't cut the conversation dead.
just like that.

and money walked out the shop to the competitor.

i wouldn't have minded but the shop only had one lense in, and it was about £100 more than one the competition had in stock...
i sent the head-office a nice email from my very official office-address, and added on my degree (BA hons, y'know... it was a long time ago, i don't like to bring it up, except when i'm reminding people i'm a smartass...).
so i'm expecting some sort of official grovel from the local crew- keep you posted.
see the immediate response (above) from someone who works on their website.

i had the same thing a few years back - we went for a pre-film meal/drink at the birmingham Hard Rock Cafe (snigger), and i copped some attitude off some short bloke syndrome sufferer behind the bar... i spent the rest of my drink dripping ash on the floor and growling at him: but then sent an angry email to head office the next day, saying they had spoiled my evening(actually he hadn't - we went to a bowling alley where the staff were actually hard-working and pleasant, and where we had a great meal of bowling alley food...).
unbeknownst to me, the dive was in the process of shutting down... which was probably why the pugtard had tude... luckily i wasn't with some of my homies or we would've metaphorically kicked his ass by taking the piss out of him all night(and then gonee back the next night!).
we are thinking of organising a vintage shoot in a disused warbunker filled with period furniture and settings...
it all came about when H. was thinking of getting involved with an internet based modelling forum who did something similar.
i was initially interested but aghast at teh terrible photography on the site and the prospect of spending the day with some old men taking shots of young models in various stages of undress.
and then publishing their wonky no-PP efforts on the net.
peeeeyyoow, as someone once said.
so we are thinking of getting our own thing together, from a purely vintage photograph perspective.
much nicer, cup of tea?


Helen Highwater said...

Just had a bit of a rant in my Helen Highwater blog about those websites. Eurgh.

eightball said...

and i spent money with the camera shop round the corner, after talking to some bloke there who couldn't have been more helpfull... got my kit, everyone happy... except the other shop who have lost out.

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